Egg Laws in 50 States

Egg Laws in 50 States

Below is a list of resources to consult regarding eggs and the sale of eggs in each state throughout the United States. Some state statutes are very explicit; others are vague. Some states make it easy to find their laws; others do not. If you click on your state's link(s) you may have to do a little searching on the site(s) we are providing since there is no one clear-cut page where the regulations are stated, nor one clear cut "term" used to find all the statutes. This list may not be comprehensive, so your are urged to do your due diligence in familiarizing yourself with your state's laws before you raise chickens or sell your eggs. Since states often update their websites, if you find a broken link for your state, please let us know. If you find a better link for your state's regulations, please let us know that too, and we will update this page.


Code of Alabama - Title 2: Agriculture - Section 2-12-1 - Definitions
Alabama Department of Agriculture Animal Industry Administrative Code


Alaska Department of Natural Resources - Department of Agriculture


Arizona State Legislature - Title 3 - Agriculture
Arizona Department of State


Arkansas Egg Marketing Act
Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission


California Food and Agricultural Code
California Dept. of Food & Agriculture - Egg Safety & Quality Management Program


Colorado Department of Agricultural


Connecticut Department of Agriculture - Voluntary Small Shell Egg Processing Plant Inspection Program


Marketing of Agricultural Products


The 2012 Florida Statutes - Classification and Sale of Eggs & Poultry
Florida Administrative Register & Florida Administrative Code - Eggs


Georgia Department of Agriculture - Egg Inspection
The Georgia Egg Law and Supporting Regulations


Hawaii department of Agriculture


Idaho Eggs & Egg Products


Illinois department of Agriculture - Egg & Egg Products Inspections


Indiana State Egg Board


Iowa Code - Egg Handlers - Chapter 196
Iowa Code - Egg Handlers - Chapter 36


Kansas Egg Law


Kentucky Department of Agriculture - Eggs Marketing and Licensing


Poultry and Egg, Rules & Regulation, State Register, Title 7, Part V, Chapter 15, Subchapter A, 1503


Maine Revised Statutes - Subchapter 3: Eggs


Maryland Department of Agriculture Egg Regulations
Maryland Department of Agriculture


Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Poultry Program


Becoming a Michigan Licensed Shell Egg Processor
Michigan department of Agriculture and Rural Development


2012 Minnesota Statutes - Chapter 29. Poultry, Eggs
Minnesota Administrative Rules - Chapter 1520. Poultry and Eggs


Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce


Missouri Agriculture - Egg Licensing & Inspection


Montana Code - Title 81. Livestock - Chapter 20. Poultry & Eggs
Montana Egg Standards


Nebraska Graded Egg Act
Nebraska Poultry & Egg Marketing Regulations


Chapter 583 - Meat, Fish, produce, Poultry and Eggs
Nevada Department of Agriculture Plant Industry Division - FAQ

New Hampshire

Chapter 428 - Poultry and Poultry Products
New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food - Division of Regulatory Services - Guidelines for Selling Shell Eggs

New Jersey

New Jersey Administrative Code
Click on NJ Administrative Code, Title 2, Chapter 71, subchapter 1

New Mexico

Official New Mexico Statutes and Court Rules - Eggs

New York

New York Department of Agriculture and Markets - Circular 854 - Eggs

North Carolina

North Carolina Egg Law

North Dakota

North Dakota Egg Regulations


Ohio Laws and Rules - Eggs


Oklahoma Agriculture, Food & Forestry - Poultry and Egg Section
Oklahoma Agriculture, Food & Forestry - Chapter 37 - Food Safety


Oregon Department of Agriculture - Eggs


Penn State Extension - Selling Eggs in Pennsylvania
Search for Eggs

Rhode Island

State of Rhode Island - Dept of Environmental Management - Rules & Regulations Relating to Shell Eggs
Chapter 21-17 - Eggs

South Carolina

South Carolina Code of Laws - Title 39 - Trade and Commerce - Eggs & Baby Chicks
South Carolina Department of Agriculture - Grading and Inspection Programs

South Dakota

South Dakota Codified Laws - Chapter 39-11 - Eggs & Egg Products
South Dakota Administrative Rules - Article 12:26 - Eggs & Egg Products


Tennessee Code 53-2-107 - License required to deal in eggs - Exceptions
Rules of the Tennessee Dept of Agriculture - Chapter 0080 5-4 - Egg Rules & Regulations


Texas Administrative Code - Title 4 - Part 1 - Chapter 15 Egg Laws


Utah Department of Agriculture and Food - Egg and Poultry Grading


The Vermont Statutes Online - Title 6: Agriculture - Chater 27: Eggs


Code of Virginia - Title 3.2 Agriculture, Animal Care & Food - Chapter 53 - Eggs and Hatchery Products
Chapter 570 - Rules and Regulations Defining Standards for Grades/Sizes of Shell Eggs


Washington State Department of Agriculture - Eggs

West Virginia

West Virginia Legislature - Chapter 19. Agriculture - Article 10A. The West Vuirginia Egg Marketing Law of 1998.
West Virginia Marketing of Eggs Rule


Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection - Egg Sales, Grading, Handling, Labeling
Chapter ATCP 88 - Egg Grading, Handling, Labeling


Wyoming Department of Agriculture - Food Safety
All laws pertaining to eggs are contained within the food safety rule for the state of Wyoming.